Triennale Milano

Triennale Milano is an international institution that brings together all forms of contemporary culture: design, architecture, visual arts, photography, cinema, new media, fashion and performing arts. It is a place where art and design, creativity and technology, tradition and innovation all interact.
It presents the works of major Italian and international architects, designers, and artists. It puts on exhibitions, meetings, conferences, and performances, and offers new points of view on some of the key issues at the heart of our society and public debate.
Triennale Milano is located in Milan's Palazzo dell'Arte, built in 1933 by the architect Giovanni Muzio, who designed it as a modular, flexible.
Triennale Milano has its own theatre, with an international, multidisciplinary calendar of events that is particularly focused on performing arts. Moreover, from 2019, Triennale presents the Museo del Design Italiano, with the aim of promoting part of the institution's permanent collection, which consists of 1,600 among the most iconic and representative items of Italian design.
Every three years, it also organizes the International Exhibition, one of the most important events devoted to design and architecture. The 23rd Triennale Milano International Exhibition, titled Unknown Unknowns. An Introduction to Mysteries, ended the 11th December 2022.

Vico Magistretti talks about his experience in the post-war Triennali:

"Thanks to the first Triennalis I discovered a window on the outside world. Those events allowed me a confrontation between a world of war, which had very little, and a world of peace which had a lot. The Triennale exhibited objects from the Nordic countries such as Sweden and Denmark, which had been able to develop everyday objects thanks to a period of relative tranquility. We discovered Danish and Swedish design (...) and then we said to ourselves: "Let's try to do something else, different but cheaper!"

Stefano Boeri, president of Triennale Milano, talks about Vico Magistretti on the occasion of the exhibition Vico Magistretti. Milanese Architect (Triennale Milano, 2021):

"Magistretti's relationship with Triennale Milano was a long-lasting one. At the Palazzo dell’Arte, after the war Vico received the first recognitions of his work, and right opposite the Triennale, he built the Torre al Parco in the 1950s, a project he was very keen on realising. And in 1960 he was the artistic director of the 12th Triennale with Ignazio Gardella."