Voce Narrante - Vico Magistretti's Autobiography

Fondazione Vico Magistretti presents Voce Narrante - Vico Magistretti's autobiography, a video editing of many interviews given by the architect during the 90s.

As from today those who enter the studio immediately “meet” Magistretti, who talks about himself in a sort of familiar and professional autobiography; he speaks about his own Milano, where he was born and where he lived, he speaks about friends, colleagues, about his idea of design, about his rich relationships with the companies he has worked with over decades of extraordinarily intense project activities.

Laura Curino, theatrical actress and author, takes part in the presentation.

The video editing is realised by Fiammetta Nazzarri, and it can be seen only in Fondazione Vico Magistretti.


7:00 pm