Fuori catalogo chapter 2. When sound design talks to industrial design

The exhibition opens the second chapter of the story of the objects of Vico Magistretti no longer in production, namely Fuori Catalogo.
This year 6 pieces have been selected - Sindbad armchair, Carimate and Gaudì chairs, Lester Nemea and Telegono lamps - which the curators feel are still capable of having resonance; still able, that is, to inspire new stories and to take part in possible new scenarios.
In this exhibition, the term resonance does not have a merely metaphorical value, because sound is a real presence: the students attending the Sound Design laboratory at IED Milan, coordinated by Painè Cuadrelli, have been asked to reinterpret these objects, the project, the concept, the drawings behind them and their curious names with a sound installation.

Gianni Biondillo and Maria Vittoria Capitanucci have narrated the life of these creations, in an itinerary between historical study and play; while Cino Zucchi has created spatial relations.
Therefore the words that narrate the projects come to grips with sounds and intertwine with the objects, in an experiment Magistretti would have enjoyed… after all, he worked with the radio on, and in the summer he opened the windows to welcome the music played by the students at the nearby Conservatory.


From 10.4.2018 to 21.2.2019


Exhibition curated by
Gianni Biondillo
Maria Vittoria Capitanucci
Cino Zucchi

Exhibit design by
CZA - Cino Zucchi Architetti

Graphic design by

Sound installation by
Painè Cuadrelli
with the participation of IED Milano students of Sound Design: Edoardo Bader, Federico Carpita, Luca Castelli, Cosma Castellucci, Matteo Colzi, Niko Di Muro, Andrea Durante, Leonardo Lazzarin, Mattia Liciotti, Federico Martell, Carlo Alberto Morace, Riccardo Paparella, Alexandru Patriche, Giannantonio Rea, Gianluca Volpe

Thanks to Cassina and Massimiliano Franceschini