Design in the suitcase

Design in the suitcase is an educational workshop to introduce students to design and project, because from the moment we wake up to the time we go to sleep design plays a role in our everyday lives.
The suitcase, the main tool of this laboratory, contains various objects and stories and therefore different approaches to the topic of design depending on the age of the participants.

Everyday objects and icons of his design come out from Vico’s suitcase, as if it were Mary Poppins' suitcase, and they become instruments of narrative: stories about the designer and his design idea.
These objects emphasise the importance of simplicity for Magistretti: he wants to design simple products that can be explained over the phone, he looks at everyday objects with a curious eye, to teamwork.
The trip in Vico’s projects and in his method ends with a game: the participants, divided into three groups, are invited to design "as Vico": starting from three everyday objects, they will create a furniture object, so simple to be explained by words.

from September to June
duration: tour at Fondazione Magistretti (about 2 hours) 
cost: € 5.00 per student  
reservations required, at least one week in advance, by email to fondazione@vicomagistretti.i