In Vico’s studio

The educational tour In Vico’s studio starts from the current exhibition in the studio museum at the time of the visit. The visits provide insights into various aspects of Magistretti works through the archival materials. Through sketches, models, prototypes, objects and stories, students will learn Magistretti approach to design. They will understand the meaning of concept design, the relationship between modernity and tradition, the role of technology in Vico's works and the importance of looking at usual things of everyday life.
The educational tour ends with the screening of a video interview to Vico Magistretti, in which he tells about his professional life, linking it to the history of Milan and of Italian design and architecture.

In-depth analysis of particular topic of Magistretti work can be studied ad hoc with teachers in relation to the study program of each class. 

from September to June
duration: tour at Fondazione Magistretti (about 2 hours) 
cost: € 5.00 per student  
reservations required, at least one week in advance, by email to