Normal things. Living with Vico Magistretti

The exhibition Normal Things. Living with Vico Magistretti invites visitors to observe objects in terms of the practices we all perform on a daily basis: sleeping, eating, lighting, relaxing.
Fondazione studio museo Vico Magistretti has put the projects and products designed by Vico into the hands and gaze of a historian and anthropologist, Claudio Rosati, who has interpreted their iconic character through the metaphors of infinite cases that arise in the domestic landscape, while living in a home.
With this exhibition Fondazione makes a contribution to the debate on how to narrate design in a museum context.

“The object belongs to its life,” Vico Magistretti said. And what is the life of beds, kitchens, chairs and lamps? We are the ones who shape their existence. The products designed by Magistretti for the partner companies of the Foundation are thus accompanied by interpretations of the infinite instances of our relationship with things, between biological datum, cultural construct and historical determination.


From 3.4.2019 to 20.2.2020


Exhibition curated by
Claudio Rosati

Exhibit design by
Luca Poncellini
con Valentina Cerra e Chiara Corbani

Executive project by
FORO studio

Graphic design by

Thanks to Jessica Anelli, Luigi Burroni, Natalia Cangi, Valeria D'Ambrosio, Ernesto Franchi, Mario Iozzo, Chris Moyse, Gelsomino Nesi,  Nausicaa Pezzoni, Manuela Rossi, Elena Testaferrata, Mario Turci, Galleria Raffaella Cortese