Flou: the leader in ‘design for sleep’ since 1978.

Flou was founded in 1978 with the market launch of Nathalie, the first modern padded textile bed with completely removable covers. The company now offers a range of ‘total living’ products geared to wellness, design excellence and Made in Italy quality.
In over forty years of design research and innovation, and collaboration with illustrious names, including the great Vico Magistretti, Flou has been able to create beds that were (and are) true icons of creativity, and by no coincidence, a must-have fixture in every museum or exhibition dedicated to industrial design.
At the time of writing, Flou offers comprehensive collections of total living furnishings, not only for the bedroom but for every domestic ambience and for the outdoor.
Elegance, harmony, emotion but above all comfort: the products presented by Flou are the result of research that is reviewed annually in terms of aesthetics and function, wellness and quality, for rooms to be enjoyed in the spirit of beauty and a revitalised desire for harmony with the surroundings. 

The partnership with Rosario Messina, Flou founder, in Vico Magistretti words:

"I find the work with Rosario Messina always very amusing, meaning that he is not only an entrepreneur of great quality but he is also a generous, precise and transparent person, he does not hold back anything. It's hard to find people like him..."

Rosario Messina tells about Nathalie, the first bed of Flou and the first encounter with Vico:

"Let's say that the designer's creativity and the marketing strategy have been well matched. Magistretti, I always say, is brilliant. In those years there were the first Danish duvets but they were a bit short. (...) Vico Magistretti had the idea of a textile bed with a duvet integrated into the bed. And with other functional features that made it unique: the soft headboard that acted as a pillow cover to prevent the pillow from getting dusty during the day; the reclining head cut in two, so that everyone could position it at will. Magistretti's rationality made it a bed of extreme functionality. Finally, he added that little detail of the bows on the back, which became a distinctive sign."